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Our Sevice Offerings
Include A Systematic
Approach To Building
And Maintaining An
Effective Business
We Assist Utility
Companies In Evaluation
Of Current Technologies
Designed To Provide
Customer Information Systems

Our Dynamic Business Approach

Our Service Offerings include a Systematic Approach to Building and/or Maintaining an effective business. Our System focuses on development and/or updating your business plan, marketing approach, and the design of your Website. In addition, prior to the Project, we provide a free feasibility analysis for Starting Your Business, if needed. These services are designed to increase client operations, improve effectiveness through reduced costs, enhance customer service, increase quality of current product lines and services, document and define business planning and direction specific to each individual client's business.

We are especially positioned to assist the Small Business Owner who is trying to establish a presence in the Business Community.

For additional advice and assistnce from the Small Business Administration, go to: www.sba.gov

Utility Consulting

In the Utility Sector, we assist companies in establishing measurable business goals and encourage utilization of Business Performance Management Processes (BPM). We emphasize that technology, though needed, is only a means to achieve a good relationship with your customer. There is a need to monitor the effectiveness of your operational processes and maintain a good understanding and control of your costs. An organization needs to plan, measure and visually see the outcome of their business activities in order to talk intelligently about their company success.

Today's utility company needs a highly functional Customer Information System (CIS) to enable a strong and confident relationship with their customers and field support services. The system must be capable of communicating with other primary enterprise systems in order to ensure the continuous flow of service, resources, supply, and financial accountablilty. Without intelligent information, a company is prone to operate blindly and suffer efficiency losses and uncontrolled costs.

We Partner with Businesses and strive to enhance and support their efforts to ensure their complete fullfilment and financial success.

To learn more about our services, please browse our site or call us at 1-323-869-8867 or 1-866-811-8984.

Feel free to e-mail any questions or inquiries to us at: MyraDLopez@Yahoo.com

For Free Adult Education in the San Gabriel Valley, go to: www.emras.emuhsd.k12.ca.us

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