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Marketing Strategy

Your Marketing Strategy should be contained in another written document called your Marketing Plan. This document contains descriptions and/or guidelines for your company's marketing strategies, efforts and programs. These action steps are defined over a specific period of time. It is usually a year and revised annually.

This would be of particular interest to the Small Business Owner who is trying to compete in the Business Community.

Target Marketing

Target Marketing is the only way to optimize budget and marketing resources. You need to identify and focus on your most receptive clientile. This process takes energy, time and money. Spend all wisely. It can mean the difference between success and failure. You need to target the customers who will appreciate and benefit most from your product or service. Ask yourself, who needs your offering the most?

Marketing Study

Marketing involves study and research into your target market profile. What are the geographics of those who will benefit from your offering? What type of people will look for your product - demographics? Where are the people who will value what you offer? Who will like or get excited about it, and spend their money on what you are selling- psychographics/behaviors? Aim your marketing efforts towards this population of customers in order to effectively reach those who are interested and will buy from you. Without using this process, you will be sending out alot of unappreciated and wasted advertisements achieving little to no results.

Our Firm wants to partner with you so, together we can achieve effective results.

Marketing Tools

Once your market is defined we will help you design your benefits message so that your marketing activities can begin. Some of the standard marketing tools to consider include:

  • Newspaper Ads
  • Sales Letters
  • Business Flyers
  • eMail Messages
  • Postcards
  • Brochures
  • Fax Broadcasts
  • Business Cards
  • Classified Ads

As you realize, these tools involve business expenses. Costs must be kept down. You need to focus on your target market for the results and cashflow that you are looking for.

Myra D. Lopez, Business Consulting Services, is here to help you be successful.

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